Everything we think and feel is composed of perceptions. Our life as an individual and collective are moulded around beliefs that are constructed by our perceptions, called a "paradigm".

What is Mindscape ? 

Mindscape is an interactive method and graphic mapping tool that offers an exploration into the construction of our intuitive thoughts. When you are standing on top of a mountain, the landscape is expansively spread out in front of you: hills, valleys, rivers, and lakes... In a similar way, Mindscape is the snapshot of our inner world, providing a map so that we can "see" our thinking. It is as if we were standing outside our own thinking and looking at it objectively.


Mindscape is based on Water Logic (1994, Edward de Bono), which metaphorically describes the brain’s thought processes as the flow of water: perpetually flowing from one thought flows to the next, eventually forming a spiral pattern... By mimicking the way our brain is functioning, one’s seemingly chaotic thinking monologue can be reduced to schematics of perceptions, illustrating which are the dominant thoughts and which lead to cyclical patterns.


Creating a Mindscape individually is a process of self-inquiry, a mindfulness practice that directs attention to a place of observation, a position of inner-awareness. Additionally, Mindscape can also be used to explore interpersonal/ social dynamics, where the schematic visualization of Mindscape allows us to explore the relationships, patterns, and puzzles in the everyday thoughts that impact how we engage with one another.